for a safer tomorrow


Large, and growing, library of online courses — always available


Powerful, scenario-based testing and assessment tools


Detailed tracking and reporting on all activities

Ignite e-Learning empowers you and your employees to conduct training from anywhere — no classroom needed. We believe that continued engagement, training and communication increases retention and creates a more empowered, safer fleet.

  • Easily house digital documents, PowerPoint presentations and videos in this user-friendly Learning Management System
  • Develop your own training modules or use training from third-party providers
  • Sync with your existing CarriersEdge account
  • Access this extensive library of training courses
  • Connect to e-Learning from anywhere — using a desktop or mobile device

More than 300 fleets use this e-Learning platform in their driver training programs, because, like us, they think truck drivers should have access to great training, without having to sacrifice their weekends. This platform was created to help get more training to drivers, and to do so without disrupting the rest of the business.

We believe that technology can help solve some of the problems that trucking faces, and that providing the tools, information, and motivation people need will result in more successful fleets and a thriving industry.


Comprehensive, but not complicated. Understandable, but not patronizing. Our courses translate complex regulations into real-world context that drivers understand, providing an interactive learning experience that's equally effective regardless of learning style, language skills, or educational background.

Certificates & Reporting

Simple, powerful tools for managing user accounts, assigning courses, and reporting on progress. Print certificates, run reports, track compliance, and analyze trends by terminal, manager, or individual driver. Large fleet or small, administration is easy, flexible, and fast.

Reports can be viewed online, printed, or exported into Excel. Status reports can deliver updates directly to your inbox so you always know where you stand.


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  • Like to know more?