Integration with TruckRight

Realize a bigger Return on Investment when you combine TruckRight’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Ignite’s extensive e-library of content for the trucking industry.

Within TruckRight’s transportation-specific software, companies can seamlessly integrate their own content, third-party training and Ignite’s e-learning into one LMS. Employees will not be aware that they are switching between training providers.

Whether you want an overview of activities and progress, drill-down details of individual tests, or a company-wide analysis of trends, we’ve got you covered.

Ignite is available as pick and pay option through the À La Carte Services or through a subscription service where you receive unlimited access to Ignite’s e-library of content. Contact us today to find out how you can combine Ignite and TruckRight to jumpstart your online training.

TruckRight paperless driver file
Integrate Ignite’s e-library into your existing TruckRight account.

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Human Resources

Engage, Train & Retain — Manage With Confidence.

Successful development of a workforce can be maximized through both engagement and good communication. Employees will feel empowered and work habits can improve, translating into a safer, skilled workforce and more profitable workplace.

Transportation-specific human resource and online training. Real-time tools keep management informed while strengthening your retention and training strategies.

Retention Through Engagement

Employee Engagement
— from Anywhere

Engaging, communicating, compliance and training at multiple terminals or while drivers are on the road doesn’t need to be a challenge. This online system allows your workforce access from anywhere on any computer or mobile device.

Reduce Onboarding Time

Simple, fast and secure transportation-specific Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Onboarding through this paperless workflow doesn’t just capture an application, all DOT required documents are auto-generated.

Train with Ease

Pre-hire to orientation and continuing education is made easy with our mobile-friendly Learning Management System (LMS). Easily create digital documents, power points and videos to ensure your drivers are continually updated — even when on the road. Fleets can develop their own training modules or use training from third-party providers.

Protect Against Document Loss

TruckRight’s cloud-based software not only allows for ease of use but protects against loss or damage of records.

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  • Like to know more?